Influencer Marketing: The Ultimate Marketing Tool

Influencer Marketing, one of the go to form of on-screen marketing. It is now a regular style of platform which promotes products other than mainstream media such as Television or Radio. Today’s generation is more attracted towards Social Media Influencers as they get attracted and choose it as their career choice. But still, lot of people think about “How does Influencer Marketing work?”

How does Influencer Marketing work?

Social media influencers are not the Genie from Aladdin lamp to make influencer marketing work, they also do their homework’s on which type of influencer marketing works on which brand. Also, social media influencers are not doing influencer marketing single handedly, as already said, to do their homework’s they have their own separate teams.

Here we need to know some perfect steps to perform the role Social Media Influencer.

  1. Determine a goal
  2. Identify the perfect Social Media Influencer for your brand
  3. Strategize for target audience
  4. Plan an executable schedule
  5. Some creative space for Social Media Influencers to explore the scenario
  6. In the end, start.


Social Media Marketing

Influencer marketing is nothing without Social Media Platform. In this social media industry the influencers have made a strong statement where the other marketing techniques have missed to make a benchmark. Influencers are always giving positive content which will give people some go for the product mind-set. But still there some rules to win in Social Media Marketing. They are

  • Go for the trending social media platform.
  • Write for a crisp content.
  • Have a backup plan for uncertainties.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing  is not social media marketing but it is closely related to social media marketing and the influencers are called as Opinion Leaders. Witches never gets caught and its not because of the magic in her fingers or devilry dance in her blood. It’s the fear that makes them witch Likewise the Influencer Marketing is also a witchcraft were influencers are the witches, where the people keeps them as an informer or influencer by their performances and attitude.

Influencer Marketing – INDIA

All over the world Influencer marketing is flying high, but what’s the status in India?

I agree with, but we aren’t the exception to this trend, infact we are the exceptional country among others. Indian people are always good at strategizing, whether its personal or professional we always come up with the extraordinary ideas as you could see our government handling our country.

We’ve seen the default working model of Influencer Marketing, but  how does influencer marketing work in India?

In Influencer marketing, India is also having a high fly where the social media influencers made the influencer marketing industry to touch a sky high value of 12 billion Indian Rupees and by 2026 it is expected to touch around 28 billion calculated by with some rocket science estimation. Recently after the 2023 New year Indian government has released a press release on the “Guidelines for Social Media Influencers”. Consumer Affair Secretary Rohit Kumar Singh briefs the media on new guidelines for social media influencers which states that the announcement must be clearly show the endorsements and terms such as sponsorship, advertisement and paid promotions.

Below The Line (BTL)

BTL marketing is a popular strategy on outdoor advertising like flyers and billboards. After the arrival of Social media platforms it is also joined hands with BTL where the social media influencers are touching heights with the increase of reach in digital platforms and social media like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, there is also some huge rise in the influence of virtual influencers which made a magic by making them to become a social celebrity like Instagram celebrity or You tube celebrity.

There is another magic which came to trend later Social Media. Yes, its a direct marketing technique where the social media influencers have been given with coupons codes and discount links as their followers and subscribers will use it. But it is not a simple thing from an influencer point of view. The brand which they promote will be monitoring them on whether their followers or subscribers tend to follow their brand and based on that the influencers will get paid.

Ultimate Tool

The role for social media influencers is not only to entertain, they also have some social responsibility to educate people about new events around happening around, new schemes or hacks which is hidden from people. Here comes the ultimate tool for all types of influencer marketing – Instagram. Right now the whole social media users spotlight is on the Instagram reels as it has some user friendly editing tools with ultimate filters. Before Instagram the social media reels totally rely on the former famous tik-tok as they were acting like king of the industry. Later it got banned for usage in several countries. Comparatively Instagram has more users which could be added as a countries population and still its giving some new updates to do some trendy and easy reachable contents towards people.


People in marketing industry are still treating influencer marketing as an experimenting strategy and are failing to know about its true value. But Clematis Groups is trying to make a statement with its advertising venture (Clematis Advertising), that influencer marketing is no less for any type of marketing. Humans now-a-days not trying to buy products with qualities, instead they are trying to buy memories with magic.


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