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Want to know how Instagram reels can take your business to the next level?  Are you overwhelmed with questions like “How many reels should I post in a day?” or “What are some amazing Instagram reel ideas for branding and marketing?” 

Don’t fret! In this blog, we’ve got you covered! We’ll be discussing the ins and outs of Instagram reels, along with some top-notch reel ideas for Instagram, how they work, and most importantly, if Instagram pays for reels. So, keep reading! 

Instragram Reel – All you Need to Know

The Instagram reel is an effortless way of showcasing one’s content, talent, and promotional activities within a short clip of 90 seconds. However, these are full-screen short, entertaining videos that were introduced to build a connection among people. Social media in a way provides a platform for everyone to flaunt and exhibit what they are best at in a straight-forward way while using filters, effects and music to enhance the quality of the video. These full-screen videos are easy and convenient for users as they don’t go through the hassle of turning their phone horizontally to enjoy the content.

Watching reels has become a hobby for people and it keeps people engaged in it for hours. People keep coming back to social media during their free time. Moreover, it has not only hooked the younger generations but has also successfully targeted the older ones. Fun and entertainment are essential parts when it comes to reel ideas for Instagram and this is one thing that brands need to keep in mind while using reels for their social media marketing.

Reels as a Tool for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a form of new media marketing that is increasingly growing and reaching a new height every day with better engagement and honest feedback. People spend some amount of time on social media every day. Businesses took it as an opportunity to grow in the market and connect with more customers around the world.

Instagram and reels being the most widely used form of social media, businesses know they have to make the most optimal use of them and outreach the audience. However, marketing on Instagram requires time, patience, creativity, knowledge of trends and the ability to come up with a lot of reel ideas for Instagram.

Along with Instagram reel ideas, you need to be prepared and know how Instagram reel works, its algorithm and metrics, how many reels to post and, foremost, whether Instagram will pay for reels.

Reel Ideas for Instagram to Boost your Brand

To make things easy for you and help with your branding, let’s discuss some common and easy Instagram reel ideas to move your brand up the charts, and gain customer trust and loyalty.

1. Exhibit your Work Process

Among many Instagram reel ideas, this one is used most by brands. You can record the process of your work that shows the skills of your employees/workers. It would make a good behind-the-scenes video. This makes it very real for the audience and shows the process of how the products that make their life easy are not made so easily. It builds customer trust and loyalty.

2. Create Contests or host a Giveaway

Audience engagement and impressions help increase the reach of your Instagram reel. You could start a challenge by creating a new trending hashtag and encouraging your audience to use the hashtag in their videos. Or you could host a giveaway that any of your audience can win by following simple rules and rewarding them with something good and interesting for winning. This engages your audience and motivates them to give honest feedback about your work.

3. Show your Brand Value and that you Care

This reel idea for Instagram aims to whip up your creativity to visualize and present short clips that convey your brand values. Showing the customer that you care about their experience can enhance their views on your brand and humanize your brand. This makes the audience believe in you and creates a strong customer base.

4. Use Trending Filters and Audio

The Instagram reel is a trendsetter among the audience. Although visuals play a big role in attracting the audience, Instagram reels thrive on trending soundtracks. This might look like a minor thing that has a major impact. Sound-driven reels push your content to the audience’s reel exploration page.   

5. Reels that Showcase Holiday/ Festive Days

Holidays and festive seasons are the most exciting times for your audience. Targeting them at those times and promoting your brand with exciting offers attract an audience to your brand. Bring out special offers, new holiday trends and other exciting things on the platform to engage with your audiences. 

6. Before and After Reels

Making reels that present before and after the completion of work with trending audio tells your audience that the work is not as easy as it looks. It shows the efforts put into the work and the feeling of satisfaction after completing it is so good. This connects with the audience on a personal level and engages them with your work.

How Many Reels to Post in a Day?

The answer is very simple. Post only one reel a day. To engage with your audience, increase your followers and establish your brand, it is best to not overload your page with reels. Posting four to seven reels a week is enough. Restrict yourself to sharing good quality, relevant content on your social media and don’t overload it with reels.

Will Instagram Pay for Reels?

The feature of creating an Instagram reel facilitates one to earn by creating reels. However, the content should meet the criteria of relevant policies for its content to be monetized. For instance, the reel should get more than at least 1000 views over 30 days to earn a “bonus” and get a regular number of views and likes to earn money regularly.

Instagram reels as a marketing tool are very relevant in today’s times. However, having a clear idea and understanding of what you are dealing with is important. Create reels using different and new ideas and aim to create trends to monetize your reels.


These  Instagram reel ideas are some of the ways to engage with the audience and create an impression. Audience engagement and impressions are prominent features to reach a wide range of people and attract customers to your brand. For further help regarding social media marketing, you can contact Clematis Advertising. Clematis Advertising is an advertising agency that can help you build your brand and enhance your marketing activities that attract a wide range of customers towards your brand.


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